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  Subject  Login Problem - 필독 사항, Please read !!      Date  2012-12-09 00:32:42
      Name   운영자  (Homepage)       Hit




Please read !!

홈피가 재생되었읍니다. 12-05-2012 이후에 올렸던 webpage는
잃어버린채 다시 찾을수 없
게 되었읍니다.
이미 올리셨던 Log in 정보는 지워졌기때문에 소용없이 되었으니,
다시 새로 등록해주시기 바랍니다.
왼쪽 상단의 Login Box에서 "Join"을 클맄하신후 등록 정보를 넣어주십시요.
그런후 4-6 시간이내에 운영자의 인준이 되면 다시 쓰실수있읍니다.
불편을 끼쳐드려 죄송합니다.

한국 Website Program과 미국 Database Program과의 호환성 문제때문에
Update하는 과정에서 Login Data들이 망가지는것 같습니다.
현재 website program하에서, 앞으로도 이런일이 또 일어날 가능성이 있읍니다.
앞으로 이런일이 없도록 Website Program을 바꾸도록 해 보겠읍니다.

Thank you very much for your patience.
We were able to bring the website to a stable and managable state.

Previous login data that you wrote when you joined the website had been rendered inaccessible. This means you can not login with your original login ID and Password anymore.

However, if you register as a new member again,
your new login ID and password will be effective.

Please re-enter your login data by clicking the "Join" button in the login box at the left upper corner of the index page just below the title picture.
Then you insert (write) your own ID, Password, and E-Mail.
And also some personal data that can be helpful for the web manager to identify you.
You will be approved by the web manager within a few hours for the next few days.

Your initial level will be "9". When the web manager approves you, it will be "8".
The approval process by the web manager is to keep spammers from writing undesirable contents.
At level 9, you can browse in certain bulletin boards but can not write.
Once your are level 8, you can write and go anywhere in the website.

The problem seems to be originated from the update process of the external database program that is not compatible with our (Korean) Zeroborad program. 
Because of the old Zeroboard program, the same disater can happen again in the future. I will try to change the Zeroboard into more modern program to prevent further disater.  

I apologize for the inconvenience and loss of a few webpages that was entered after 12-05-2012. We could not recover those webpages, but I wish you upload the main webpage again, and also write comments under the webpage to restore the lost data.

Web Manager

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